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Greetings and salutations my poetry lovelies!!

Let me tell you a bit about NO CAMP CHAIRS POETRY PICNIC!!! We’re a group of hippie artists who chill on the grass and share art!! Ok, we’re not all hippies and we also happen to have serious discussions every once in a while. NCCPP is actually a safe space for artists to share their work, jamm, and navigate this phenomenon called life through conversation. (And the beauty of our discussions is that we are all so different and come from diverse backgrounds so discussions almost always get heated!)

From poetry, to politics, to rap and drums/guitars, to whether or not women should have double-barreled surnames (in the lobola context)…we share it all! Every second Sunday of the month at the Union Buildings from 1pm until the Universe decides we should call it quits.

All YOU have to do to be a part of this wonderful experience is to pack a picnic, bring something to sit on (please don’t try to be a rebel without a cause and bring a camp chair) and come jamm with us! If you are a po-ye-tree… bring your po-yets  (hehehehe). If you are a mrappa, bring your mraps. Instruments welcome (appreciated), and if you just appreciate… we will embrace you.
So join us. We’ll chat, some will share their picnics, others will discover the meaning of the word PICNIC and EVERYONE will walk away feeling blessed!!

And if you would like to host a NCCPP session… drop me an e-mail and pitch me a conversation topic/how u wanna run the session. NO CAMP CHAIRS POETRY PICNIC belongs to ALL of us!!
Once a month, 2nd Sunday. We will keep you in the loop as to when the next date is, and trust that the date of the following session will be announced at each session.

Let’s take over Zuma’s back yard…AMANDLA…IT’S OURS Lol!!!!!!!!!

(April 2012 session will be on April 15 because of Easter weekend)


All these lovely pics were taken by the very talented Mr Tumi Manone


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