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MALAWI HERE I COME!!!! January 29, 2016

So Q Malewezi is launching his album, Peopleon the 2nd of April!!! And guess who’s making the trip… Yep! I couldn’t be more excited to meet the land of the rising sun.

Also supporting Q as he makes history (coz this is going to be EPIC!!!):  Benedicto Okoma Atani Malunga, Julius Jules Banda Jr., Phindu Zaie BandaManto Wamantology, Sabrina Amy Tambala, Robert Chiwamba and Menes la Plume.


Malewezi banner


Also… We may or may not be doing workshops in and around Lilongwe in the week leading up to the 2nd…

So if you are in Malawi… Do BEST!!!  And if you’ve always wanted to go but was waiting for the right time… I’m just saying!


I can’t wait to meet you Malawi!! Woop Woop!!!



Malewezi Poster


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