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A Letter to my stolen sister – reblogged from Vanguard Magazine June 24, 2014

Today, the girls have been missing for 71 days!!!  SEVENTY ONE.

Posted on 17 June 2014

“My darling, it has been sixty one days since you were stolen from us, and I have wept for you incessantly since. Everyday. I know this letter will not reach you today, or tomorrow even. But I pray that you will read it when you are home, because I believe in my heart that you will return. You have to.

I have tried to write to you so many times. Tried to find the words. But what does one say to a stolen child? How do I comfort you or give you hope or tell you that this will pass and you will survive? That you will come home, and you will survive! I want to tell you that I would search those forests barefoot for as long as it takes to find you, if I could. Because we are the same, you and me. I am older and we are separated by many mountains and rivers and a dessert even, but we are the same. We are two black girl pawns on different chess boards, in the same tournament. Our bodies and lives are statements. Objects. We exist to be taken… on the way from the grocery store, from our beds, from school! We do not belong to ourselves.

When they took you, the world remained silent for what must have been a lifetime to you. No one but uMama cried. And then there was noise. We heard screams in cyber space and outrage on airwaves. Voices from around the world sent virtual search parties for you, but we know the truth about this virtual world: hashtags don’t bring girls home.”



One Response to “A Letter to my stolen sister – reblogged from Vanguard Magazine”

  1. Kgomotso Gantsho Says:

    Nyani hashtags don’t bring girls back home… Wish they did though. Wish we knew what it would take to bring them safely back home. Another stellar piece as always.

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