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21 Days/ 21 Poems: Castletown, Isle of Man by Jackie Kay June 15, 2014

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Ah!! Poetry!!

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Castleown harbor

The Harbour at Castletown, Isle of Man by Charlie Dave, CC-BY-2.0

It’s the first day of my Another 21 Days/ 21 Poems to celebrate (US) National Poetry Month.  Today, I feature a European poet of African descent.

jackie_kay_lge Jackie Kay

We all have our favorite poets and poems; I’m no exception.  There are poets whose poems have kept me company throughout the years.  I keep going back to their work, sometimes to a specify poem.  Invariably, when I have to put together a poetry rooster like the lineup for this  month, I will refer to an unwritten list of favorite poets.  Sometimes, I craft the themes so it allows me to revisit an old favorite!  This year, though, there’ll be plenty of new-to-me poets whose poems are truly dazzling.

This intro is just to present another favorite, the award-winning Scottish poet Jackie Kay.  Another delightful problem I have: choosing one…

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