Through Vangi-tinted glasses

Perspectives from an African

we hold you fiercely December 14, 2013

We hold you fiercely

As our own

Of our blood

Spilt over 300 years of looting

You are ours

Our forgiveness.  Our tolerance

Our pain and loss

We will bury pieces of you

Everywhere our blood has ever poured 

Give parts of you to everyone who has had to forgive

Mkhonto we sizwe sethu

This is a time for mourning

For grieving

Scars that have not healed

Prayers, sons, daughters.  Loss

27 days of darkness

Giving 67 years of black



Our boxer, father

Tata we sizwe sethu

We will remember you

Honour you

Teach our hearts to forgive like you

But before then

You must be ours!

Let us have mourning

Let us grieve the rebellious terrorist

No one claims to have hunted down

We loved you under a Lilliesleaf

EQunu.  Entabeni

Before prisons


On principle



the boxer


One Response to “we hold you fiercely”

  1. Zanele Maleki Says:

    This speaks true about Tata Mandela. His work and dedication made me ponder about my duty as a human being as a woman as a member of the society,what is it that I should do to keep his legacy? Our silence in injustice, greed and selfishness spit in his legacy.

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